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martedì 17 novembre 2015

War on guilty

A deafening noise, crashes, shouts ...... is an air attack. And 'the answer to death ... .. So other death for death. Comments or here now. Televisions around the world tuned in to what happened in Paris. It 'was struck at the heart of Europe. There must be a reason why it has been hit. To us mere mortals do not give us the opportunity to know the right reaction to what was justified. ...... But it is an attack of ISIS who came to hit the tranquility of a night in Paris. Where people listen to music, singing and having fun. For Muslims this is sacrilege. But this will not be the reason for this murderous rampage. But France is part of Europe, then they came to strike all nations that are part of Europe. That Europe is full of contrasts, of comments left in the middle for the air attack on the ISIS. But the history of our people what is professed as followers of Christ does not want the world of Islam is to propose another God. We know the crucifix. Otherwise we pray, we do not go into other countries to propose our religion and it agreed with the force. We urge you to love, mutual respect, in our schools we learn religion as a content that adorns life, not to destroy it instigates. Now that we have entered in the schools, we have included in the work, we have welcomed the refugees to thousands fleeing from that land plagued by a perpetual war. Now we have to invent another philosophy to keep them at bay as wild animals. They have another character and they do not want to accept our rules of life. Indeed they want us to adapt to their way of being. They do not have dialogue, and they will not even acquire it ... because that is their nature. History has handed down their wars for them and that this time was born the third world war. But these young people who go to the massacres have lived in Europe know the technology speak more languages. But then there are those who live in those distant country by western civilization. Try to open a dialogue still will not be easy, but you can not respond to such violence with more violence.

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