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venerdì 21 dicembre 2012

lunedì 10 dicembre 2012

Contus de forredda Storie di Sardegna

"Contus de forredda" Storie di Sardegna In una zona ancora al naturale "Sardegna" esistono delle tombe scavate nella roccia del periodo "proto nuragico" Circa milleduecento anni antecedente al nuragico. Che risale a 2200 anni prima di Cristo. Vale a dire dello stesso periodo degli "assiri" e degli "ittiti". Ma vogliamo parlare di ben altro. Le rocce che ospitano tali tombe. Emanano delle cariche "elettro magnetiche", le persone che attraversano questo sito traggono beneficio per la loro salute per le cariche che assorbono...."contus de forredda"/storie di Sardegna

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martedì 11 settembre 2012


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THE happiness of the individual because he is, or why not. Have within us those defenses that protect us from external events give us happiness. To be like a clear sky this is the synonym of happiness, the sun with its fiery light comes down to us and enlightens us. This is happiness. You can not love and be happy, you can be hungry and be happy, you do not own anything and be happy. So happiness is that state of mind that wants to be free from any commitment, that is spontaneous as an herb that comes when least the aspects.

giovedì 30 agosto 2012

Contus forredda de / stories around the fireplace

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If medicine has made strides and are able to improve the quality of life of people. Because nature has provided and put those herbs at your fingertips when you extract those substances which are named, chemicals, medicines commonly called. But as medicine, at the time of nuraghi were also called "concoctions" made with simple herbal decoctions. The most surprising thing he cared about how he caught the disease "The fire of San Antonio" Known as "Espes Zoster" We sought a person who had done during his life only "swineherd" he was the one who had the magical power a healer. Was counted "the healer" that if he should have in your pocket with two flints (stones silicon) Stones that he needed to ignite the fire, when wandering in the countryside to pasture pigs, cattle herding by hills and mountains. But not only these stones were used to light the fire, but also to cook the milk, since the containers were made of cork and could not get into the fire to be cooked. These stones were made in arroventare fire and thrown into the pot and leave early when the milk gurgled. Once the milk consumed, these stones were cleaned and put back in your pocket. In soma held securely, and always at hand, for the renewal of his daily ritual magic, which promoted the eating. Eco also because these stones had magical power to heal "The fire of San Antonio."
The healer and the patient arrived at with great composure, she approached the sufferer greets him and spoke to him a few words and began the ritual. From his pocket he always carried the stones with him
The shock was how it was to light the fire uttering prayers in turn ancestral, which had been handed down from our ancestors. It was necessary to repeat the ritual at least three times. If the patient did not show signs of healing came up again the whole form of the rite.
The service was honored with chicken eggs, which the hostess had secured for the occasion .. There are no statistics what was the cure rate. But ...... "For posterity will judge" .......... Meanwhile there are bored and have one more thing to tell your children or grandchildren ...            

martedì 14 agosto 2012

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la tranquillità del lago addolcisce Gli animi. Per this Il Paese della longevità.

"Contus forredda of" Tales around the fireplace

Since ancient times, some 2200 years earlier on. Christ., Meaning the time of nuraghi Food was very basic and pandered to the availability of food of the moment. A dish that has been handed down to us is the stomach filled with the blood of the sacrificed lamb.
It takes a basin, at the time of sacrifice of the animal. It drops the blood in the basin that contains a handful of salt. With the hand that turns the blood does not clot.

Take a frying pan fry medium onion, cut into thin strips of course, the pillow is put in pan, add a garlic and parsley.
You have to have on hand if possible fresh goat cheese, cut it into cubes about three hundred grams. We take the fresh beans (beans are taken in the absence of the pea) on six hundred grams. During this time the sauce is ready, you put it all in the blood bowl with the cheese and peas; you take a proper funnel and pour everything into the belly properly washed. It binds with a piece of cotton and put in a large saucepan. There you put water to cover up the stomach with the content to boil over low heat for an hour and a half. Teases you with a needle to release the accumulated air during cooking. Once cooked, put on a cutting board and another on a weight and leave to cool.
Enjoy your meal is now ready to taste that flavor that smacks of old, but above all he knows of Sardinia.
A new taste is like that ..........!!


martedì 7 agosto 2012
il nostro modo di essere

  • Giorgio Pitzalis Nella magia del nostro mondo di essere sono racchiuse le nostre esperienze di vita, in soma quelle esperienze che ci hanno forgiato.
    Sabato alle 18.50 · 
  • Giorgio Pitzalis 
    Al di la di tutto ciò vi è la voglia di scoprire e di essere scoperti. Non importa se sei capito per il verso giusto, dentro la magia di chi ti ascolta tutto viene interpellato per quel desiderio di dare una risposta, ai ma e ai se, che gor
    gogliano dentro convinti di cucinare la pietanza nel modo migliore. Nella filosofia dell'individuo, che presenta: l'acqua, il contenitore, il fuoco affinché si meta in ebollizione, perché questa è la sua volontà. Certo si può interpellare anche diversamente. Ti offro un contenitore pieno d'acqua per spegnere quel fuoco acceso dentro di te. Dipende cosa vuoi da questa tua filosofia di vita! Far si che l'acqua che dentro la pentola vada in ebollizione, o spegnere quel fuoco che è acceso ed è davanti a te creandoti un po di conflitto, per la voglia di prevaricare al tuo interlocutore. Molto spesso è più facile dire:"Ma guarda che hai capito male"

sabato 4 agosto 2012

Our way of being

Our way of being

George Pitzalis In the magic of our world that are enclosed in our experiences of life, burden on those experiences that we have forged.
  Beyond all this there is the desire to discover and be discovered. No matter if you knew the right way, in the magic of who you listen to everything you asked for that desire to give an answer, but to and if bubbling inside convinced to cook the dish in the best way. In the philosophy of the individual, comprising: water, container, fire to boil it in half, because this is his will. Of course you can also ask otherwise. I'll buy a container full of water to extinguish the fire within you. Depends what you want from this philosophy of your life! Ensure that the water that goes into the pot boiling, or turn off the fire that is lit in front of you by creating you a bit 'of conflict, the desire to overpower the other person. Very often it is easier to say: "But look what you've got it wrong"

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