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martedì 14 agosto 2012

"Contus forredda of" Tales around the fireplace

Since ancient times, some 2200 years earlier on. Christ., Meaning the time of nuraghi Food was very basic and pandered to the availability of food of the moment. A dish that has been handed down to us is the stomach filled with the blood of the sacrificed lamb.
It takes a basin, at the time of sacrifice of the animal. It drops the blood in the basin that contains a handful of salt. With the hand that turns the blood does not clot.

Take a frying pan fry medium onion, cut into thin strips of course, the pillow is put in pan, add a garlic and parsley.
You have to have on hand if possible fresh goat cheese, cut it into cubes about three hundred grams. We take the fresh beans (beans are taken in the absence of the pea) on six hundred grams. During this time the sauce is ready, you put it all in the blood bowl with the cheese and peas; you take a proper funnel and pour everything into the belly properly washed. It binds with a piece of cotton and put in a large saucepan. There you put water to cover up the stomach with the content to boil over low heat for an hour and a half. Teases you with a needle to release the accumulated air during cooking. Once cooked, put on a cutting board and another on a weight and leave to cool.
Enjoy your meal is now ready to taste that flavor that smacks of old, but above all he knows of Sardinia.
A new taste is like that ..........!!


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